Monday, June 27, 2011

Set up of the minute with AJ

This is how you celebrate your birthday. On a 90 degree day AJ came in and grabbed himself a birthday snowboard. Lucky for him the Ride DHK had come in so we had a rad deck for him. He grabbed some of last season EX binders and the kid is ready for next season. The set up looks sick and we are all stoked for you. So happy birthday and good luck at your 9 - 4 soccer camp!

Matt Finishes off the repair on Snowboard rack Dos

The small rack was in need of some new wood. So Matt went to work cutting some new sides, staining and urethaning them, and putting her all back together. New re-enforcements have been put in place so as to not have her break again. New decks are on display, so stop in and check it.

The Drill Doctor

I am sick of buying new drill bits on a monthly basis and storing all the dull ones in a full drawer. So we stepped up and bought the drill Doctor today. Some Contractor at Lowes told me he had used it and thought it was pretty good. So Matt watched the how to video and went to work. We now have 25 "Like New" Bits. I HIGHLY recommend this tool. It's worth the money. But please don't make us drill out any more stuck rollerblade bolts on skates that are 6 years old.

Set up of the minute with Edwin

OK...1 guess as to how old Edwin is here...Yep, he's 13! Matt was jealous that this guy could grow a better "stache" than he could. But he came in here and grabbed it for his 13th birthday. And this deck was fresh off the truck. The Arbor Assault Drop Through is always hot. So thanks, Happy birthday, and Enjoy the ride...

Bones Rollerderby Wheels are now in stock

From the people that bring you the best skateboard and inline wheels in the business. New Rollerbones Derby wheels are here. Poured in the good ol USA! If these wheels are anything like all their other products (and we are sure they are), then you will not be disappointed. So all you derby lovers, stop in and check these out!

Set up of the minute with Matthew

As soon as it comes in, it goes out. Matthew came in looking at Pins and he left with an Arbor Drop through. The axis in a Sweet Bamboo topsheet with Paris trucks will be his deck of choice for the summer. He also got himself some sector 9 slide gloves. They are all the rage. He saved up all his money from reffing soccer games over the past couple of months. So enjoy the new wood, and have a great time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Arbor Axis Longboards

Drop through decks are all the rage. These are 2 great ones from Arbor. These are both the same deck, the one on the left is a bamboo topsheet, while the right is Hawaiian koa. They have a 40" length, an 8.8" width, and a wheelbase of 30"
They are symmetrical in shape and you can't beat the price. Stop in and cruise around on one. Super Slick!

Set Up of the Minute with Ian

Check out Smiles here. Yes Ian got a new pair of skis. Yes Ian works at alpine. Yes, he broke his last pair of skis, and lastly, yes our boy here is going to Windells again. So if you are lucky enough to be out there for session 4 look for Ian to pulling 540's,fakie 7's and whatever else he may be learning, Have fun and DON"T BREAK THESE. Oh yeah--Line Step up skis with some beat up salomon binders and boots. hellsyeah!

Set up of the minute with Richard

Look at that blue shine. Richard stopped in early this morning and checked out what we had in stock. He liked the drop thru decks because of how he was lower to the ground. He went out to think about it and came back a couple of hours later and grabbed this dope dregs drop thru. He is so stoked. He also jumped on the $39.99 shoe program and scooped up some emerica kicks. New Longboard + New shoes = a great summer! Enjoy and keep getting good grades.

Set Up of the Minute with Justin

Justin just moved here from California and he needed a deck to get around. I took one look at him and I said "Deathwish". I was right. He totally dug this logo deck and put white out silver trucks on it as well as some 55 spitfire wheels. Now he'll be riding around the hot state of Va in style. Enjoy the new deck!

Set Up of the Minute with Michael

Michael here is visiting colleges in the DC area. He came all the way from france to check out a bunch of schools, and while he was here he stopped in to see us. He fell in love with our last pair of Yuri Genesys skates and left with them. SO good luck on your college hunt and enjoy the limited skate.

Set up of the minute with Tad

Big man needs a big board. Tad stopped in and fell in love with The bhangra in this stiffest flex. We added some Purple O Tangs to it and he was out cruising within seconds. So enjoy your new deck, and thanks!

Mission Roller Hockey wheels in all sizes Plus....

Indoor--Outdoor--Combination wheels are all back in stock. So no more riding on tired wheels. Get your hockey skates in to alpine so we can find the right combination for you. Also a new batch of roller hockey pants came in. So all sizes are now covered.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Set Up of the Minute with Matthew

This right here is our Boy! Matthew is having a birthday on Saturday, and all he wanted was a longboard. He's been riding his friends dad longboard around and knew this is what he wanted. So he tested every deck on the wall and kept coming back to this drop through dregs model. Add some Es square two shoes to his feet, and BAM!Instant rad birthday! Enjoy It, and always wear your helmet!

Set Up of the Minute with Justin

Justin here does it all. He plays baseball, football, and basketball. But now he wants to try his hand at longboarding. It wasn't hard convincing dad to let him get this sweet new Dregs longboard after he got all A's and B's on his report card. So wear your helmet and have a great time out there. See what good grades can do for you?

Alpine Welcomes Nick Ketner to the team

Alpine is proud to announce our newest edition to the skate team, Nick Ketner. Nick is 19 years old and has a great love of skateboarding. You can see him everywhere, but his new home seems to be the Herndon Park. He has a huge bag of tricks and you may see him riding huge "old School" decks with power. So look for Nick to representing Alpine wherever you may see him. Which is usually around any transition.

Set up of the minute with "Mary lou Wreckem"

Julia, AKA"Mary Lou Wreckem", was tired of her old skates hurting, so she stepped up to some new Antik's today. She is skating for NOVA roller Derby and loving it. So enjoy skating for once with your feet not hurting. Thanks!

Gumballs are back

A restock of gumball toe stops came in today. these are the choice of derby girls and guys throughout the lane. Upgrade your skates old toe stopper with these amazing gumballs todays. Super easy and only $19.99!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Set up of the minute with Giovanni

The man here is going to Portugal for a 1 month trip. So he got this new Deathwish to help keep him company. Notice he also got a brainsaver helmet. So have fun and tear it up over there!


2 Dope new Oakley Frogskins came in the store yesterday. The Blue and the translucent orange. Summer is here so get some new shades. Only available at select shops, oakley releases a new color every month. Once they are gone, they are gone....

Mini skateboards are back in stock

7.5 too big? Got a small size foot? Well no problem. Alpine just got a grip of new mini completes from Birdhouse and phantom skateboards. 3 different graphics from birdhouse, and each come with silver brand trucks,FKD abec 3 bearings, and Birdhouse wheels. SICK! Phantoms come all "Phantomed" out! So stop pushing around that old tired deck and come get yourself some new hotness.

Wassup Haters...And More

Shake Junt is in the house! You wanted it, we got it. 2 new shirts from the Shake junt collection. And no we didn't stop there. Lots of shake junt stickers are here as well. So grab it up before it's all gone.

Hammers for Breakfast

New Jim Greco Deck and T from Deathwish Skateboards. Show off your deathwish pride, and the fact that you eat hammers for breakfast. Lots of new Deathwish gear in stock today, so stop in and check it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Kill Your Idols" Tee from Indy

This is just one of the many new shirts up on Alpines racks. Stop in and get yourself outfitted in some new stuff. All T's are buy 3 get one free. So retire a bunch of those old ones and get something fresh to wear.

Set Up of the Minute with Lisa

Lisa did tryouts on a pair of 30$ quads from dicks. Someone loaned her a descent pair and damn if she didn't make the squad. Now she has 12 weeks of "Fresh Meat" camp. So she came all the way from Woodbridge to get herself a pair of real Riedell Skates. Good luck Lisa and let us know what your rink name is when you get it!

Smith Safety Gear In Leopard Print in stock

Yowzer. These things are the Hotness. Leopard Print Knee and Elbow pads from Smith Safety gear. These are available in 2 sizes and both are in stock. Greta for all you "old School" vert skaters, and derby girls. So come try them on and see how comfortable safety can be.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Oakleys in stock Ruby Lenses

3 DOPE new Oakley glasses came in today. First is the Holbrook with the ruby lens. Second is a new dark smoke frogskin with the Ruby lens. Lastly is a Fuel Cell, with a ruby lens. See a pattern here? It's the new red Ruby series.

Set Up of the Minute With Tyler

Tyler here is on a west coast road trip that will land him in California. He is going to work at a Not for profit coffee shop for a few months before he heads to las Vegas to open his own. He is working to help out the homeless, and just took a trip out there to see how bad the epidemic really is. To learn more about this great cause go to But when he is not out saving the world, he is going to need a skateboard to get around. So we got this Plan B Danny way 1988 shape with some randal trucks and sector 9 wheels. Super smooth to be rolling around Nevada. Thanks and Enjoy!

Set up of the minute with Kate AKA SNARKTOPUS

On her way to the NOVA derby Girls photo shoot "Snarktopus" stopped in and got herself a pair of ANTIK skates. She is STOKED. We went with the blue Bezerk wheels for her set up. Look for the photos from the shoot to be up online soon. Alpine is super stoked to be the roller derby headquarters for all of Northern VA and beyond. Enjoy the new Uber Comfortable skates!

Set up of the minute with Josefine

Josefine came in to get new wheels, and she left with some new Riedell Vixen skates with some Dope Green wheels. Green is her color.She will be out at he "fresh Meat" camp for DC Rollergirls over the summer. So enjoy your new skates and good luck.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Krux Trucks Re Up

Krux always has some dope colors. The new plaid and space colors are sick. The purple lightning is always a staple in the truck case. Also black and silver available, but no need for those pics.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Set Up of the Minute with Nick And Jacob

Jacob and Nick here have been friends since before Grade school. Nick had his board "accidentally" run over by his mom, so he needed a new deck. So he grabbed the Zen Longboard, and slapped his old trucks on it. Jacob got his first longboard, and it is SICK. He loved the Tan Tien, and added some O Tang Stims to it, and it is awesome. So have fun this weekend bombing some hills and wear your helmet.

Square 2 Re Up from Es' footwear

2 New colors of Alpines favorite square 2 are back in stock today! The black/grey/red, and the always popular black/white. These are both coming with a GREAT price now. Stop in and try a pair on. You won't be disappointed. Alpine's shoe wall is growing by the day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Oakley Sunglasses in stock

3 new glassses are in the oakley case today. First is the Fuel Cell in Matte Black Ducati style. Next we have some new Froggies in acid blue with a grey lens. Lastly is a pair of Pit Bull's with a warm grey lens. Alpine has some great glasses and just in time for the blinding sun outside. So treat your face right with some new shades.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Set up of the Minute with Alex-Think Snow Edition

It's said that it takes a while for the benefits of a College Education to really start to be realized. Not so for our friend Alex, who had been in recently to check out some sweet deals on some previous years boards and bindings. It wasn't until after the College Graduation was official, however, before he could bask in the fruits of his college career with a sweet Ride Kink coupled with a set of Union Contact Binders.

"Now, we just have to wait for cold." Yes, Alex...yes we do.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Set Up of the Minute with Simone

All smiles for the NOVA rollergirsl. Simone went to one practice and is hooked. So she has jumped in and got herself a dope new pair of Riedell skates. So have fun at roller Derby and Good Luck!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Set Up of the Minute with Jenny

Jenny has DC Rollergirls Tryouts tomorrow so she stopped in to get herself some new skates. She jumped on the Vixen skates from Riedell. She is super stoked and we wish you good luck.

Radar Flat Out Roller Derby Wheels

3 colors in a great inexpensive roller derby wheels. The Flat outs from Radar are a great indoor/outdoor wheel that don't break the bank. 3 great colors in stock today.

Heartless T shirts in stock.

2 new shirts arrived from Heartless wheels. Good girl Gone Derby, and the heartless logo shirt. Show your Derby pride.

Set Up of the Minute with Rico

Rico has been sweating these frogskins since he first saw them 2 months ago. They finally arrived (2 weeks early) and he was stoked. This is a super limited pair of jupiter camo froggies that came in a cool frog bag and box. Enjoy them.

Set Up of the Minute with Dawn

Dawn is a Nova Roller girl and is grabbing her first pair of skates. She went with the Riedell Vixen skate and upgraded her toe stop to the Gumball brand and we put on the leather toe guards. She opted for some super cool green wheels too. So have fun out there and good luck!

New Riedell Roller Derby Skates in stock

You asked for it, and we gave it to you. 2 New skates join the Antik on the wall at Alpine. The $199 Vixen skate with the 165 black boot, and the She devil with the 126 black boot. Both come with the Powerdyne triton aluminum frame and radar wheels. The She devil comes with abec 9's and Tuner wheels, while the Vixen comes with abec 7's and Flat out wheels

Set up of the Minute with Hogarty

Mike Hogarty was one of the Original employees at Alpines Sterling Location. He was also one of Alpines first and greatest Team riders. The kid could do it all. He is a legend in Sterling VA! So we super stoked to get him hooked up with this dope new Loaded Dervish. So enjoy the ride and thanks again for all of your great service!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alpine's own Bradley and Brandon Bunch star in their first digital short

Here is a digital short done by reda media. It is a great parody of the throwdown with Bobby Flay series on the food network. Be sure to check it out.

Silver White out trucks in stock

White outs aren't just for Miami Heat games. Silver has a new "White Out" series that is sick. Different color baseplates on the M class series of trucks. All flavors available today at Alpine...

Set Up of the Minute with Luke

Look at that smile. It says it all. Luke is going to go enjoy the rest of this weekend on his new Dregs paradox longboard. He worked and saved a bunch of his money so he could buy himself a longboard for summer. So enjoy and have fun...

Roller Derby Fun

For those of you who aren't "in the know", Roller Derby is here and we took the opportunity to head to the Dulles Sportsplex to catch the DC Rollergirls All-Stars take on the Carolina Rollergirls Saturday afternoon.
The action was fast and furious and, with the help of the girls of the NOVA Roller Derby, we were being kept up to speed (zing!) with what was going on. Being right on the floor and next to the action gave our eyes (and ears) an awesome perspective of the intricacies of all that was happening...and believe you, me, there was a LOT happening.

Unfortunately, unless you were rooting for Carolina, the end result wasn't what we had hoped for, but it was a great time none the less. We're looking forward to getting out to some more bouts in the future (and, of course, catch the After Party)!