Friday, July 29, 2011

New Loaded decks and yes the Fat Tail is here

Matt is busy busy busy. He's been hard at work putting together all of the fresh new Loaded decks today. We just got in three boxes of dervish's,Tan Tiens, Vanguards, and The much anticipated Fat Tail. So if you have been waiting, now is your chance to jump on a new loaded deck.

Orangatang-O tang- Colorful wheel Re Up

It's a sea of orange, yellow, and purple wheels from O tang. I got sick of placing orders every week for these popular wheels. So I bucked up and ordered a grip of them. Already sold a set off the counter. This is but a small sampling of the amount of wheels we received today. So if you have been waiting , scoop em up!. This hot weather is killing some wheels.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Set up of the minute with Natalie

Natalie is skating with the DC rollergirls. The skate she was in before these was 2 years old and 2 sizes too big. She came in to try some on, but instantly fell in love with the fit of these Riedell skates. Add some gumball toestops, and she is ready to skate faster and better than she ever has before. Thanks for stopping in and good luck!

Anon Tracker Kids Goggles in stock

So many times last year we had kids come in that wanted cool goggle, but their faces were so small they couldn't fit in adult models. We have listened! Now we have the Anon Tracker goggle in tons of cool paint jobs and mirrored lens configurations. so now you don't have to go with the plain old goggle. Now you can have something fresh on your face. These also don't break the bank which makes many parents happy. Be sure to try some on at your next visit!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Burton Restricted Decks In Stock

3 Series of decks from the Burton Restricted line arrives today. First is the Custom with V humps. Does it make you thirsty? Decorated with super fruity drinks, this deck is one to be seen. Below is the hate, a super soft and flexy park deck.
And last is the Nug! No one could keep these in stock last season. Ride em short and ride em fast. But you better get em quick, because they are sure to be hot again this season! More pics to come later.

Bones wheels come in colors!

You heard correct! Alpine's #1 selling wheel now comes in colors and we have the whole line up here. the bones 100's come in blue,pink,purple, blue, and assorted. So stop in and set up a set of these on your deck. See why Bones is the choice of so many pro skaters!

Set up of the minute with Jett

Jett just finished up skate camp last week with Stephen Timms in Leesburg. His birthday is coming up, so he came up and got himself a new complete. The flip Gonzales with Silver P Rod trucks and Spitfire wheels. He is pumped to go out and kill it. So thanks and good luck on that spine ramp at the park.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Full Tilt Mary Jane Boots 2012

Full Tilt is one of the fastest growing boot companies on the market. The Mary Jane is the ladies 103 lasted boot. It is super cushy and comes with the famous Intuition liner specially made for this model. The flex of full tilt boots is amazing and the fit out of the box is spot on. Full size run available today.

Deathwish skateboards Re Up

Yes, that is Captain Crook you see on this new Deathwish skatedeck. We had to do a google search on him to remember his name. Mickey D's hasn't used him image in quite some time. Also a great new deck with Ronald as a pimp in stock. New T's as well. this is but a small spattering of the wood we got in today. So break yo self and come and check em.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Set up of the minute with Jeff

PJ Ladd would be proud of this set up. Jeff here got himself a new complete for his birthday. He got some Thunder trucks, and some Spitfire wheels to complete this amazing new deck. So go out and learn some new tricks and have fun. Oh, and happy Birthday!

One day you'll meet Michelle Parker...

Yep, One day you'll get to meet Michelle Parker and you'll hand someone your camera and they will take a super blurry shot. Awesome. Totally stoked. I will tell you though. This girl is awesome and super fun and Super Cute. No offense intended. Look at her holding a PBR tall boy. Mmmm delicious. So next time I see her I will work hard to find someone who knows how to take a pic. it's not all bad I guess. It could be worse. I mean look at me being lucky.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Red Giro G9 10 2012

The G9 comes back this season with an all new look, and we like it. notice the small visor on this always lightweight model. It also still comes with the dial fit system to make it's fit incredible. This red color is super bright and it also comes in black. More helmets to come..

Set up of the Minute with Nick

As soon as they come in they go out. Nick was looking for a longboard to go cruising around with his friends. After testing all the decks in the store, he chose the sidewalk surfer from Dregs. He is going to be killing it. So enjoy the deck and have fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Set up of the minute with Aaron

Aaron is going to ODU next year and needed a longboard to get around. So after testing out everything in the store he fell in love with this sweet Never summer. It has a great flex and comes with Randal trucks and never summer wheels.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Set up of the minute with Bruce

Bruce rolled in deep with his posse. They were all ready to go longboarding, but he didn't have one. So they came into the shop to find themselves this sweet new Dregs complete.He tested out a bunch of different styles and this is the one he loved, and he is stoked. So go out and bomb some hills.

Set up of the minute with Andrew

Andrew has been taking lessons this summer and it was time to retire the "starter" deck, and get himself something real. So Ty and I hooked him up with this 7.75 birdhouse with Thunder trucks and spitfire wheels. He is going to be killing it now. So enjoy the ride and good luck at swim team.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Say So Long to Frank!

Frank Britton is leaving us and heading out west. We wish him all the best! The kid has been coming into alpine since he was 13 and we are super proud to have sponsored him over the past year. He is heading off to Arizona to go to Mechanics school and we know he's going to do great. we will miss you, and we wish you all the best! Keep killing it.

Mervin is in the house

Say What? Isn't it like Africa hot outside. Yes it is, but we are always ready to get in some new gear. New decks from Lib and Gnu are in these boxes and they look DOPE!. I should show you, but there will be more blog posts soon. So keep checking back as winter gear is arriving daily!

G Code Re Up

Just one of the many colors that are back in stock today at Alpine. Everyone Loves the Emerica shoe and it is one of our best sellers. So stop in today and Hermans shoe on your foot. Guaranteed to help you land more tricks in less time.

Set up of the Minute with Zack

Here is another man building up the quiver. Zack has been looking at this Loaded Bhangra for quite a while. He was unsure if he wanted a big dance board, but after he rode it around for a while, he knew he had to have it. It's going to be super sick cruising around Radford on this deck. So thanks for stopping in and enjoy that deck!

Set up of the Minute with Lucas

Lucas has a Dervish, so he came in to add to his ever expanding quiver. After testing out a bunch of boards he fell in love with the last Pintail we had in stock. This deck is a rarity as it is no longer being made anymore. So he is one of the lucky few to have this super fun deck. The pin is being replaced by the new fat tail, but that deck will not be out for a couple of months

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Set up of the minute with Calvin And Zach

The 2 Cousins came in and each got themselves some new decks. So this summer is going to be awesome. Calvin got this sweet element with Silver trucks and spitfires, while Zach customized his Anti Hero with Silvers and bones 100's. They each got the great 888 dome pieces. So enjoy the new wood and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Set up of the minute with Daniel

I sleep on putting up inliners sometime. It's my bad. Daniel skates with WAR in DC in the summer, and his race skates were not cutting it. He came in to get a skate with 90's, but fell in love with these mach 100's. These skates come with 100's on the back and 90's up front. He was super stoked on how well the skate cornered, so he will be crushing DC this summer. Thanks and enjoy!

Set up of the minute with Gino

Gino was tired of trying to push around his tired old starter deck. So his family came in and he found this sweet Staab complete from Birdhouse. it comes with Silver trucks, FKD Bearings, and Birdhouse wheels. Now he can feel what it's like to have a "real" deck and he is stoked. Also notice the sweet dome piece he got! So enjoy the new deck and tear it up.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Set up of the minute with Jessy

Time to retire the old deck and get some new summer hotness. Here it is. Jessy got himself some DLX wood with Silver white out trucks and Kontrol branded wheels. Now he can ride around in style and enjoy this super great weekend ahead of us! So Thanks and Enjoy your new ride!

Silver Pro M class trucks in stock

Silver dropped some new trucks on us. Here is Nyjah's new truck in the black/white colorway. Behind it is Chaz Ortiz and P-Rods newest flavor. All available in 7.75 which fit most decks out there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to the team Cori Kipps

Alpine is proud to announce Cori Kipps as our newest team rider. Cori has been killing it for a while and even more so now that we have the Herndon park in our backyard. So thanks for coming aboard and look for him next time your out. You never know where this guy will show up and drop hammers.

New Etnies recognition shoes are here.

2 new shoes dropped at Alpine today. On the left is the black/white Mikey Taylor. Next is the Malto in Grey. Both shoes are super clean and part of Etnies recognition line. All sizes available. So hurry in. Also--Buy any longboard or skateboard complete and get skate shoes for 39$. Ask for details.

Oakley Froggies -Shaun White

New Oakley 24 K Frogskins from the mind of Shaun White. Super Limited and Super sick. These don't last long, so get your hands on these while we have them. Froggies are the hotness!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Set up of the minute with Sydney

Her brother has a longboard, so Sydney here wanted one of her own. She instantly fell in love with this Dregs surf inspired longboard. It has some sweet Gullwing rasta trucks and luv yo mutha soy wheels. She is going to be loving this deck around the neighborhood! Thanks

Set up the minute with Luke

Luke has a longboard already, but he needed a short board to work on his tricks. So he stopped in and picked up this sweet Powell with thunder trucks and Kontrol Wheels. This will treat him well over the summer. So good luck and have fun.

Set up of the Minute with Albert

Albert, On the left, is going to Italy for 3 weeks, and he needed a lomgboard to get around while he is there. So he chose a dregs drop through with gullwing trucks and Luv Yo Mutha Soy wheels. Have a great time on your trip and enjoy the ride.

Set up of the minute with Anik

Anik and his dad came in to get a longboard to share. After testing the different shapes, they decided on the Never Summer Heist in a classic flex. Anik generally skateboards, so this will be his first longboard, and his dad is looking for something new to do with his son. So have years of fun with this never summer!

Set up of the minute with Hamilton

Hamilton is good friends with AJ who came in here last week and go an Arbor pin. After taking a spin on it, Hamilton knew he had to have one for himself. So he took a couple for test rides and liked this Never Summer Concept. The deck is super stable and has lots of room to to walk around on. So enjoy the ride, and thanks!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Scramble Shirts are IN!

Matt is modeling the Alpine Ski Shop Scrambles shirt for this year. Big thanks go out to Under armour for the shirts, and to GAM Printers for embroidering them! Looking forward to seeing everyone this upcoming Tuesday at 1757 golf club. It's going to be a blast!

Real Wood back on the wall

I am feeling this New Hardy Deck! This is but a smattering of the new wood that came in today from the crew over At Deluxe. Ever since the real vid 'Since day one" dropped, this stuff has been going off. The team is stacked and the wood is awesome. So let your next deck be a "real".

Derby Crew Rejoice. Poison wheels are back in stock!

Slims and wides are back. Also some hot new pink wheels as well. So for all your derby needs, think Alpine. Come and grab yourself some Atom Wheels!

Thunder is back!

From Deluxe Distribution comes THUNDER Brand trucks. Tons of new flavors and sizes available today. Get your truck fix taken care of with these super rad styles. This is but a small sampling of everything that came in today. So stop in and we can show you a whole array of trucks in any size for any deck!

Set up of the Minute with Cody

Cody is having a great start to summer. His brother is back from Afghanistan and he is going to see him. great news. He also got this sweet new Arbor Pin to go cruise around on. So Have a GREAT summer and enjoy your new pin, and seeing your Bro!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Vans Line up For July

BOOM! New Vans Skate shoes are in stock. What would summer be without a fresh pair of boat shoes? Check out the Zapata del Barco's in navy. Next are the Rowley 99's then the era Summer of 77. Lastly 2 new colorways in everyone favorite Chukka low.

Set Up of the Minute with Josh and Christian

These 2 brothers stopped in to grab themselves some fun transportation for the summer. Josh loved the flexy feeling Never Summer Heist V2 and his brother liked the brand new Dregs Drop though with this SICK grip job. We were also stoked that both guys got themselves some brain buckets from 888. So have fun this summer and enjoy your rad new decks.

Vans TNT 5 Spitfire Kicks

New Collab Shoe from Vans.The TNT 5/Spitfire collab shoe is here and only $60! Super clean and wicked comfortable. Full size run available today. Lots of new shoes all up the wall. Everything is coming in for back to school.

Dregs Longboards are back in stock

Finally! Dregs Longboards are back up on the walls at Alpine. New Fiberflex decks above, and the famous paradox drop throughs below. Come take one for a test spin around the store. All are coming with high quality components. Find out why Dregs is one of Alpines fastest selling board brands.

Set Up of the minute with Jason

Jason was here as soon as we opened today. He knew what he wanted as soon as he stepped through the door. A new Loaded Dervish is what he had his sights set on, and now it's his. We built it with some O Tang In heats, and he was stoked. So get out there and have some fun. Thanks for supporting local!