Monday, August 27, 2012

Lib Tech 2013 Skunk Ape Horsepower Snowboard

 Always asked for, the Skunk Ape is Mervins high end Wide board with all the trimmings. In the past, the boards graphics have been a little on the "Hesh" Side. Hell, they had demons, and skulls, and swords. This is finally one the older crowd can ride and not have it fell like a kids board graphic. (No OFFENSE). This model is the "Horsepower", which all Basalt and NO fiberglass. it is wicked light and super strong.
It Boasts the famous C2BTX (Power Banana) and is a fabulous twin, all Mountain freestyle deck for the rider with size 12 feet and above. This Power banana is for aggressive power snowboarders, so it's not a model for the weak at heart. Mervin decks are proudly made in america by snowboarders with Jobs!

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