Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Santa Cruz Re Issue Wood up on the wall

 At Alpine we are devoted to carrying all the super cool re issue wood. Since I grew up skating in the 80's I love seeing each and every one of these great pieces of art. It brings me back to a time when the graphic actually meant something. It was a graphic that stuck with a skater for quite a while, and you would search for different colors. So this weeks treasure find brings us a SIGNED Claus Grabke melting clocks deck in natural. The red Jeff Kendall, and a camo Roskopp face. Below is a Black Roskopp 1, a great Keith Meek Slasher in green and one of the Simpson's Roskopp 1 knock off boards. Not shown is a Blue Roskopp 1 deck.
Think Alpine for all of your re issue wood. Skate em, Hang em in your office, or set em up as a cruzer. We can fill all of these needs.

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