Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ca$h for Clunkers Set Up of the Minute with Jonathan

Jonathan had a problem.  He's a good snowboarder...been riding a long time...but has been feeling a bit jealous of other people on the slopes and how "fluid" their riding seemed to be compared to his.  We fixed that for him with a new outfit of Ride gear.  Out with the stiffness of a 164(.5!) Old-School Custom and in with 158cm of pure Machete power with some Revolt binders!  Slime Walls...Low Rize...Pop Rods...Carbon Array3 (whaaaaat?!?!?!)...everything to make riding more comfortable and fun!  Jonathan also lost about 4 pounds of boot when he upgraded to a Jackson (Boa) to give some better feel and performance.

He also took advantage of our Ca$h for Clunkers promo we have going on, now, taking an extra 10% off the whole kit-and-kaboodle!

Have fun out there, Jonathan...enjoy the new set-up!  See you out on the slopes!

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