Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Landyachtz Drop Carve 37" Longboard 2013

So good! The drop Carve is super fun to cruise around on. Nice and stable with a quick turning radius. This deck can be bought by itself or as a complete. It's 37" (l),8.6" (w) and has a 23.9" wheelbase. Here's what  Landyachtz say:
The Drop Carve series features fiberglass top and bottom sheets, sandwiching a bamboo core. This bomb-proof construction produces a snappy and responsive ride, while adding strength. The addition of a nose and kicktail opens the door for doing flatland tricks while the variable concave ensures your feet remain locked into a comfortable riding position. This board is perfect for all types of riders and it`s the ideal platform for any creative skater.
Be sure to stop in to see this as well as all the other great longboards that Alpine has to offer.

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