Friday, July 19, 2013

The Loaded Tesseract Longboard

 The evolution of longboarding has been fun to watch. The new tesseract fills an all important need for longboarders looking for stability at speed,slidbility, and urban assault. It has a great W concave,wheel wells and lots wheelbase options. It only weighs 4.8 lbs and it feels like its stuck to your feet when your riding.
It's internals are two layers of custom fiberglass/epoxy skins sandwich two vertically-laminated bamboo cores to create a stiff yet light and damp structure. Laminated to the bottom of the board is a layer of cork which provides vibration damping and (as was learned during testing) a significant level of durability. The granular, non-directional structure of the cork helps prevent abrasive damage from propagating (in contrast to a traditional wood or bamboo veneer with long, oriented fibers).
Stop by the shop and give it a push around. You will be more than stoked.
The only thing is it cannot leave our doors til July 23rd. We have 2 in stock. You are allowed to prepay for it, and it can be yours on Tuesday!

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