Monday, October 28, 2013

Ski Swap Is this weekend

Let the drop offs begin. Alpine Ski Shop is now accepting items for this weekend FINAL ski and snowboard swap of the season. Alpine runs the easiest and longest ski swap in the area. But you need to know the rules.
1. All items MUST be picked up by close of business Monday November 4th. If you can't make it, Sorry, your items are being donated. No ifs and or buts...
2. We have the right to refuse any item. These will include rear entry boots,skis with obsolete bindings,snowboard step in systems and long Underwear. Basically if we don't take it, throw it away--it's not worth anything.
3. Alpine will help you price your items. If your item sells, you can take 100% of the sale price in store credit, or we will cut you a check for 75% of the selling price.
4. Store Hours are Mon-Friday 11-7 Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-5 this week.
We look forward to seeing everyone. The last swap was awesome and I anticipate this one to be even better. Look for pics of items going in the swap to start popping up online soon.
Bring your friends. It's always a great sale.
Be sure to look at Sales on Alpine's in store merchandise as well. Great deals on jackets-pants-skis-snowboards and more. See you soon. Weather looks like it's going to cooperate.

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