Monday, November 25, 2013

"White Friday" Starts Now!

 Well, since everyone in retail seems to be starting this crazy sale week early, we decided we would follow this crazy trend too. So starting now we have a bunch of specials available for the week of shopping ahead. Above we have done a special buy on some great Birdhouse complete skateboards. These are coming with quality components and are priced at $54.99 for the week. Grab one for the aspiring skateboarder in your family.
Below we have a bunch of clearance goggle from Oakley and Anon optics. These goggles are starting at $39.99. Limited to stock on hand. Once they are gone.
 It's clearance time for ION cameras. Only a couple left in stock and they are priced at 40% off. All side kits are 50% off. Film in hd with ease. Mounts to your board, or helmet, and is waterproof.

 Finally- all Earthwing longboard completes are $150! Crazy pricing on a great longboard from NYC. Stop in and get the hottest holiday gift. This is of course limited to what we have in stock today. These are the deals at our Sterling Location. Different deals are found at Alpine Fairfax. Look for those to pop up soon.

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