Monday, May 5, 2014

SB Lunar Gato is on the shelves

The Nike SB Lunar Gato Men's Shoe is designed with soft yet durable suede and springy, responsive midsole cushioning for a premium look and feel. Borrowing the traction and soft touch of indoor soccer shoes, it offers the grip and control that are essential for skateboarding.
Having taken cues from a soccer silhouette, it seems natural that the SB Lunar Gato would fit on the narrow side. Compounded by Nike SB’s preference for slim-fitting sneakers, the shoe isn’t optimal for the wide-of-foot. Like the original Gato and other soccer silhouettes, the SB Lunar Gato has a pronounced, rounded heel, which locks the foot securely into place.
Alongside this, the SB Lunar Gato is one of the most lightweight sneakers of recent memory. This attribute owes thanks to the full Lunarlon midsole that makes up for a good part of the sneaker’s composition.
We thought it fitting to display the shoe with the famous Ollie Gelfand deck from Powell.

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