Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Arbor Draft Snowboard for 2016 is here

 Don't be fooled by the funny squared off nose and tail on this deck. It is an all mountain intermediate deck true twin with system rocker. It is fluid in the turns and rewards the rider with an effortless flow all over the hill.

What Arbor says-"At times it can be the wind beneath your skirt or a prologue to military conflict, but here and now the Draft is a stair slapping, jib bonking, muffin buttering snowboard whose spirit animal is so rowdy, you may need a bomb shelter to cope with its explosive aura. You read that right pretty boy, now sign up for the Draft like the man you are and start your conquest against each and every rail that strays into your unforgiving path. Blunted tips and a soft flex make this board the perfect jib specific weapon to take on any situation that the streets may throw your way."

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