Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Aggressive Inline Night at the old "Catoctin Skatepark"

Many moons ago there a sport that over took the nation. It was the mid 90's and aggressive inline skating was blossoming. Inline BLEW up, found a home in the X Games, and had countless companies and riders supporting it. Alpine Ski Shop was looking to infuse some fresh energy into its summer business, and inline skating led the way. Alpine soon became the "go to" local shop for skates,wheels, and all gear our riders needed. We had sponsored riders, an supported the local contests and skate videos. We made tons of great friends, grew the local skate community, and helped loads of kids fall in love with the sport. From Fiction-to senate- Majestic 12's to Khutis, we made dreams reality.

Flash forward 20 years later (is it really 20 years?), and the sport is underground, but the love is still there. I was stoked to be able to see a bunch of the OG crew come out for the end of an era. Catoctin skatepark is being rebuilt, and for one last night this crew pushed each other and had a ton of laughs. I have known this group since they were kids. Now,  many are married with kids, out of college and doing great things! Yet, they can still bring it at the park.  It makes my heart happy to see everyone out, and I can't wait to see them at the new park. Maybe we will have to do an "old man" comp in the Spring?

Thanks Leesburg, for all the great skate sessions and skate comps we had the privilege of sponsoring over the years! And thanks to ALL for supporting Alpine!

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