Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Volkl skis 2010

The new thing to report from volkl is a new women's line. it has new binding technology that lifts the toe piece putting ladies in a more athletic stance. It also reduces the risk of knee injuries. They also narrowed the tail to allow the ski to come out of turns easier. Great new graphics

Here are some of the new twin tips.On the left is the girls Aura at 130-94-113. Next is the girls cosmo at 130-92-112. And last is the girls pearl at 111-84-111. Girls twins is a fast growing segment. More girls are being attracted to the wider shapes and cooler,hipper graphics.

Here's some quick shots of the mens twins. up first is the chopsticks. This is a favorite of "the Josh" and comes with a slight rocker and a 148-128-148 shape. The Kuro is next to it with a 164-132-139 shape. Lastly is a great ski, the katana, which has a aluminum topsheet and the graphic is painted on it. A first of its kind. 141-111-131

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