Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Paddletek Paddles now available a Alpine.

 Yes we are now adding another great line of paddles to the Shop. Paddletek brand paddles are here and they absolutely amazing. But what is the difference you ask? They all look similar and each carries a different price tag. Lets go through them 1 by one.
The Phoenix series id for the recreational player and carries the smallest price tag of $69.99. It is a midnight paddle (7.8-8.1) with balanced power and control, and a larger sweet spot. The Bantam Series advertises maximum pop with a dynamic sweet spot. The TS-5 is a lighter paddle (7-7.5) which gives it increased speed and manueverability. This model comes in at $99.99
Next in the Bantam line is the Sabre Pro. This one is a little heavier (7.9-8.4) and has a grip length of 6 1/4". It is ideal for advanced singles players and offers a longer paddle length which increases power. This model is coming in at $129.99. Lastly we have the Bantam EX-L pro. This is the heaviest model (8.3-8.7) and has he smallest grip length (4 3/4"). It is top weighted to give it an extreme amount of power. It also ahas a velvet textured polycarbonate face for increased spin. This model is retailing for $149.99.

All of these paddles come in a multitude of fun colors. Stop in and demo one today, or just scoop one. You are bound to have fun playing this game.

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