Saturday, May 6, 2023

2023 Landyachtz Switchblade Longboards

 The Landyachtyz switchblade returns unchanged for the 2023 skate season. Why no change you ask? It's probably because this graphic is absolutely beautiful The first one shown is the 40" model. It has 9 plys of canadian maple and it is 10" wide with a 31" wheelbase. The drop through design is super easy to ride and the longer wheelbase keeps it steady at speed. It has a deep concave and foot pockets that really lock your feet in place. This is a model that is great for sidewalk cruising and also bombing hills. So don't just buy it because it looks amazing. It is coming complete with bear generation 6 trucks and Hawgs 69mm wheels.

Here is the 38" model which features all the same build as the above but with a 9.8 inch width and a 29" wheel base. It's a little more nimble than it's big brother, with all the strength.

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