Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunny Las Vegas Rossi Preview 2010

Well, here I am in sunny las vegas, and Who do I run into, but every ones favorite Rossi rags rep, Jeff Schwanninger. We were able to chat for a few minutes before I had to go to my first appointment with Rossi hard goods.Here is rossignol's new kids deck graphic. Pretty clean. New jeremy jones with a light rocker and everyones favorite magnetractionSome new rossi binding. Didn't get the scoop on these yet, Just thought it was a cool color.

1st deck shown here is the freestyle re tox. I didn't grab the name of the second. New rossi ski lineup is extremely clean. From left to right, the white ski is the classic 80 ti and the black is the classic 70. Skis remain pretty much unchanged. New is the silver avenger 82 ti and the gold one is the avenger 82 carbon. These will be taking the place of the z series of skis. graphically they look way better. The big ski on the right is the S7 Barras at 145/115/123. This is your backcountry monster.

We already spoke of the Barras, so the black ski is the S3 Koopman at 128/98/118. You might remeber this ski as it was worn by the winner of the 1/2 comp at the x games a couple of days ago. The white ski is the S2 Howell at 122/92/115.

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