Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Shoe Hunt-This Weekend!!!


So the economy is in the dumper, retail isn't slashing prices just yet and you're going through skate shoes faster than you can ever remember. Why shouldn't you? Skating is the one thing you can still do that isn't connected to the current global bummer. So with a little help from my friends South of the North is going to get you squared away this spring season. Yep for those of you in the Washington D.C. metro area South of the North presents
The Easter Shoe Hunt
Saturday, April 11th 2009
Start time: 1pm ET
End Time: When the kicks are all gone
Now is the time to twitter your way into some new kicks. On Saturday April 11th. South of the North will reveal on twitter the location of a number golden shoe eggs around the D.C. metro area. Rockville to Reagan national Airport, Bridgespot to Bethesda, Sterling to Springfield. the locations will be revealed one per hour on
So if you want the free shoes and maybe a few extras follow these steps:

1. Sign up to follow South of the North on twitter
2. That means sign up to follow along here -
3. Check updates starting at 1 pm ET on Saturday April 11th.
4. Get the location of where one pair of shoes will be given away each hour.
5. Get on your skateboard, bike, metro or car and try to be the first one to get the shoes.
6. Find the golden egg either held by yours truly, a friend of South of the North or might be hidden in plain sight.
I know you're saying to yourself "how in this crummy economy can this be happening?" Simply put we've had some very generous companies pitching in to help out ... including

Brought to you by
and of course

Hope to see you all on April 11th!
-Only one pair of shoes will be given away per hour (maybe - possibly more)
-You can only win once! We need to make sure everybody involved has the opportunity to get hooked up!
-Please be safe, smart and responsible. Don't speed, fight or break any laws or common sense to get to the destination once revealed.
-Shoes will be given away as gift certificates so it doesn't matter what size you wear the hook up is here.
-Support you local skate shop.

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