Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break at Stowe

Well, we made the 11 hour trek to beautiful Vermont. Only 14 times did I say, "You want me to come back there and break you 2 up?" That's pretty much a record I think. But it was all worth it. It's great up here and there is a little snow still left.

Kath is rocking some of next seasons Rossi gear. On her face, she has next year's Scott ladies goggles. It started off as a nice morning, but soon the rains came.

The 2 kids started ski school with Stowes amazing kids program. It was extremely well run, and it gave Kath and I a chance to have some ski time by ourselves. The kids loved it, and we saw huge improvement after just one day.

I can only imagine how great this mountain is with full coverage in the earlier months. Even though there is not much snow, the mountain is doing all it can to make everyones trip enjoyable. The kids give it high marks, which is really all that matters.

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