Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise (also known as High Point NC)

I was welcomed in NC by this fabulous sign. I couldn't have been more thrilled. What pray tell is Xotic Sinsations you ask. And a better question was what was Xotic Sinsations doing in my hotel room the night before? We'll never know will we. But right next to my hotel was this ridiculous sports bar called legends. The atmosphere was what you would expect from a sports bar on sunday night. Rocking!The best thing about this bar was a) they had fat tire on draft, and b) I could walk to my room. Excellent combination.
The fabulous Mark Terry came and met me and he enjoyed the house specialty, "fish and Chips." I think it was the healthiest item on the menu. Right after his food was served, we were told to leave by an angry bartender. We both pondered whether she was pregnant and unhappy, or just unhappy. I guess we'll never know.
The next morning I was taken blindfolded through back alleys to the secret Burton headquarters of the southeast where I was shown all of next seasons amazing gear. I use the word amazing, because there is some serious rad equipment and clothing coming from the big B. I was not allowed to take any closeup shots, but here are some overviews of the line. Stay tuned as everything will be shown soon as SIA is a week away.

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