Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just cleaning up a little....

Just cleaning up the back and found these gems. Check out the Sweet atomic's with Marker M40 Binders. remember the "Sensomatic" heel. That thing was dope back in 1983. It has that toe piece that the racers used for years. And in this stack is a pair of Asym Dynastar skis from 1988. Ahh the memories. Most everything else got tossed. Maybe more will show up.....Who am I kidding. Of course more will be dropped off. I am surprised at how many people take their old skis back home.
I had a guy this weekend come in with Olin Mark IV's and try and tell us they were only 10 years old. My dad "The infamous"Eddie Bunch was in the store when this happened. He had to inform him that they were from 1976. But the guy didn't want to hear it and left. Don't question my dad. He was one of the top olin dealers in the 70's.

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