Friday, November 15, 2013

Capita Thunderstick snowboard for 2014

Who says camber is dead? Not Capita Super Cooperation. Check out the latest park deck, the Thunderstick. Wahpow! true camber in a true twin that can slay any park that falls in it's path. Don't let the price fool you. There is a lot of power in this lower priced model. So stop into alpine and get on this wicked fun deck. And add some matching bindings for an unbelievable price. See someone in the snowboard section for these amazing details.
Inspired by the legendary CAPiTA Stairmaster for versatility in the park, the Thunderstick features a new lightweight wood-core with bombproof construction. The lowered traditional camber allows you to pop in and out of any feature while going bigger and faster than all your friends. Smaller, wider, softer, and designed for maneuverability around the park, these softer woodcore cambered boards are just what you need to advance your skills.

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