Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vans 20 Year anniversary Union LTD Bindings

This binding collaboration is all about paying respect towards the amazing heritage and timeless style of the Vans brand. With 20 solid years in the snowboard boot game, Union honors and built this super limited-edition model. Vans was the first snowboard boot to open us back in 1995. We were late to the snowboard game, and we worked very hard to bring in legitimate brands to our store. In 1994 I was walking the SIA floor in Vegas trying to get brands to open our store. I was met with more than a few No's. In fact, all i got was No thank you's. At the end of day 3 I walked up to Vans fully expecting a No again. But Steve Van Doren was at the booth and ushered me and I met the southern rep. He showed me the line, and told me No Problem in getting the Boots. I was STOKED. We brought in the Linerless Lemmings, and a boot I believe was called the 5:16. It was heavy and had a liner and it weighed a ton. But I didn't care, because we had a core company in the store.
We carried them for 15 years after that and had lots of great times with this company. Sorry for the long story, Vans was a brand that helped alpine ski shop grow it's snowboard section into what it is today. So grab this sick binding and show off your checkerboard highback love!

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